March 22, 2023

Who is Sudesh Amman? Streatham Stabbing Suspect; Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, Previous Arrests, Terrorism Charges, Shot Dead, Facebook

Sudesh Amman Bio, Wiki

On February 2nd, 2020, The Metropolitan Police in London, United Kingdom confirmed that their armed officers have shot a man in Streatham, a suburb of London. The suspect in this attack has been reported by the BBC as Sudesh Amman, from Harrow in London, UK. Amman, 20, was released around a week ago after serving half of his sentence of three years and four months for terror offenses.

The stabbing incident left two people injured but there is no word yet on the extent of their injuries. The Metropolitan Police have also added that although the incident is being assessed at this time, they are treating the stabbings as terrorist-related.

A video of the scene shows a large police presence on the scene in Streatham, with dozens of police vehicles and ambulances. At one point, the video pans up to show a police helicopter flying overhead.

Sudesh Amman Age

He was 20 years old.

Sudesh Amman Terror Offenses

According to this BBC report, Amman was released in January 2020, about a week before the stabbing incident in Streatham. He was serving time for terror offenses and was being actively surveilled by police at the time of the stabbing.

Amman was jailed after admitting to 13 terror offenses back in 2018. During his court case, the BBC reports that Amman was found to possess “bomb-making manuals and a document called Bloody Brazilian Knife Fightin’ Techniques.” He was also a member of a WhatsApp group with his family, where he stated that “the Islamic State is here to stay.”

Amman pleaded guilty to six charges of possessing terrorist-related documents and seven charges of disseminating terrorist propaganda. At the time, he received a jail sentence of three years and four months. It is believed that he was released about halfway through his sentence.

Amman was under active police surveillance at the time of the attack on Streatham High Road, which police believe to be an Islamist-related terrorist incident.

Sudesh Amman Girlfriend

According to the Independent, during his trial, prosecutors explained how Amman had told his girlfriend and a friend “of his hatred for ‘kuffars’ (non-believers), his allegiance to Isis and his wish to carry out a terror attack.” According to this report, in one online exchange, he told his girlfriend that she should behead her own parents.

Sudesh Amman Shot Dead

Gunshots were heard on Streatham High Road just after 14:00 GMT on Sunday, February 2nd, 2020. Amman entered a shop and started stabbing people. It appears he then left the shop and stabbed a woman.

Witnesses reported hearing three gunshots and seeing a man lying on the ground outside a Boots pharmacy, as armed police approached and shouted at those nearby to move back. He had a hoax device strapped to his body, police said.

The police confirmed that the Amman was shot dead by armed officers after the stabbing incident in Streatham, a suburb of London on February 2nd, 2020.

Victims of Streatham Stabbing

Three people were injured, with one person in a life-threatening condition. London Ambulance Service said it treated the three people for injuries at the scene and all were taken to hospital.

Of the other two, one had minor injuries, believed to have been caused by glass following shots from the police firearm, and the third person’s condition was not life-threatening.

In a statement, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Lucy D’Orsi said armed officers were in “immediate attendance” and shot a male suspect, as part of a “proactive Counter Terrorism operation”.

Reaction following the Streatham, London Stabbing

The U.S. Embassy in London tweeted that Americans in London should avoid the area and monitor the latest developments.


The UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, thanked the emergency services personnel who responded to the incident. He said: “My thoughts are with the injured and all those affected.”

London Mayor Sadiq Khan also released a statement about the stabbing in London, in which he said: “I am in close contact with the Met [Police] Commissioner and local representatives, and want to thank our police, security and emergency services staff for their swift and courageous response.” He added that “terrorists seek to divide us and to destroy our way of life – here in London we will never let them succeed.”

The stabbing incident follows another similar one near London Bridge on November 29th, 2019. The stabbing resulted in five people getting stabbed, two of them fatally. A number of people fought back against the attacker and restrained him until police arrived, at which point the suspect was shot dead.