March 20, 2023

Bakersfield’s Valley Plaza Mall Shooting Suspect on the run

Valley Plaza Mall Shooting suspect

Bakersfield police confirm they are searching for a suspect following a shooting on Monday, November 25th at the Valley Plaza Mall. The Bakersfield Police Department have responded to a reported shooting at Valley Plaza Mall in Bakersfield, California. The shopping center is located at 2701 Ming Avenue. The police have reported that there have been two victims, both minors. Reports indicate that the minors are receiving treatment and are expected to survive.

The Shooting was reported on Valley Plaza Mall 

Valley Plaza Mall is a popular shopping mall in Bakersfield, California is the largest mall in the San Joaquin Valley. The mall is situated near California State Route 99, the city’s main north/south freeway. Police are conducting a thorough search throughout Macy’s, Forever 21, and JC Penney for the suspect.

Valley Plaza Mall Shooting Live Feed

According to the live feed on Broadcastify, witnesses are being asked by the police to gather in the food court for further questioning. A video from inside the mall was shared via Twitter. In the snapchat clip shared, it is possible to hear multiple shots of gunfire while those in mall run away while screaming.

We are working to gather more information.