March 24, 2023

Wake Self (New Mexico Rapper) Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, Real Name, Education, Music Career, Death & Cause (Car Crash), Instagram

Wake Self Bio, Wiki

Wake Self who is real name is Andrew Martinez is a New Mexico-based rapper who died at the age of 30 following a car crash in Santa Fe on November 3rd. His death was confirmed in multiple posts that began to appear on the rapper’s Facebook page on November 5th, 2019.

Wake Self Education

Self says on his personal Facebook page that he attended the University of New Mexico. Self also attended Central New Mexico Community College in Albuquerque where he studied environmental technology.

Wake Self Music Career

Self is described  his official Facebook page as being “an integral role in Albuquerque’s hip-hop scene.” He had toured Europe twice but had “just begun to scratch the surface of what he can do with his music.” Prior to going solo, self worked with the hip-hop collective, Zoology. Among the acts that Self has shared the stage with include DMX, Dilated Peoples, De La Soul and Mac Miller.

Besides his music career, he has worked in the community in his home city of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Self was also passionate about the environment and had previously taught songwriting workshops. Self is quoted in that bio as saying, “We gotta understand how powerful our thoughts and creations really are, examine our current music trends and examine problems in the world and you can see how intertwined it all is.” Self said that it was his goal to “show others who grew up on reservations, in small towns or rough environments, we can be great. We can accomplish our goals.” Self concludes by saying that his message can be boiled down to the phrase, “Wake Yourself.”

His debut album, “The Healing Process,” was released in 2013. His second album, “Good Things Happen to Those Who Wake,” came out in 2014.

Self’s latest album, “Ready to Live,” is due to be released on November 7th, 2019 with a release party scheduled in Santa Fe. The release party venue said in an announcement following the news of Self’s death that the event had been cancelled.

Self had also been due to perform in Taos, New Mexico, on November 9th. On November 8,th Self was to perform at the Animas City Theatre in Durango, Colorado.

Wake Self Revealed hi Struggles in the Wake of releasing his latest Album

On October 15th, 2019, Self revealed on Facebook that he had been through a tough three years in between his third album and his latest release. Self said that his ” faith has been tested, I took a lot of losses, big financial losses, lost friends, opportunities, but I never lost sight of my vision.” Self said that what kept him going was his belief in “God/Creator.” Self said that he was coming out of his troubles with “more love” and “more light” than before.

Self concluded the post by writing, “After 3 long years of growth and personal development, I finished a new album, FINALLY. It’s beyond words how excited I am to share these songs.”

 Diego Pichardo Death & Cause (Car Crash)

Self died at the age of 30 following a car crash in Santa Fe on November 3rd, 2019. His death was confirmed in multiple posts that began to appear on the rapper’s Facebook page on November 5th, 2019.

 Diego Pichardo, 24  is Facing Charges  in relation to the Crash

The crash occurred in Santa Fe, New Mexico, on the night of November 3. The Santa Fe New Mexican reports that Diego Pichardo, 24, is facing charges in relation to the crash.

Police believe that Pichardo was driving under the influence of alcohol. He is facing charges of driving under the influence and driving on a revoked license. During the crash, Pichardo had been ejected from his car, a black Chevy truck, after it collided with Self’s Ford.

The Santa Fe New Mexican report says that Self suffered “a very serious pulmonary contusion” as well as a smashed pelvis, and injuries to his ribs, wrists, legs and lungs.

Wake Self Instagram

Self last Instagram post, 6 days before his death spoke about how he almost died 6 years ago. The post reads;

“I almost died when I was 6 months old…

My family lived in government housing. We had no carpet just a dirt floor, and the water quality was bad. Drinking the water got me really sick as an infant. I had to stay in Intensive care for months without going home to my family. When my mom tells me this story she says they weren’t sure I was going to make it, but when things were looking their worst a miracle happened and one of the doctors found a treatment that saved my life ?? When my mother 1st told me all of this, it made me believe in miracles…

Later I learned that we are all miracles. We have this precious opportunity called life! Every day I wake up and give gratitude for this blessing to be alive. I pray a miracle happens to you and changes the way you think and see the world…

You gon make it. Love ❤️ ??