March 24, 2023
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Who is Bianca Naidoo ‘Aunty B’? Riky Rick’s Wife; Wiki, Age, Wedding & Children

Bianca Naidoo 'Aunty B'

Bianca Naidoo also known as Aunty B is best known for being the wife of Riky Rick a South African rapper and songwriter who is being reported to have passed away on Feb 23, 2022, from suicide.

Bianca Naidoo & Riky Rick

The couple met in the early 2010s in a restaurant in Sandton. They started going for some date and soon their friendship turned out to be romantic. Riky rose to fame when he released his single “Nafukwa”, in 2014 meaning that by the time he met his future wife, he had not really made a name for himself.

The SA power couple celebrated their wedding on May 26, 2013, in a secret ceremony. At the time of their wedding, Riky was 26 years old. On May 26, 2017, Riky took to her social media pages posting photos of himself and his wife to mark their 7th year as a couple.


Riky and Bianca have two children, Their first-born daughter is from his wife’s previous relationship and was born in 2010. The second-born, son name Maik Daniel Makhado was born on March 19, 2011.

Riky Rick has been Trolled for his posts in the past

He has been subjected to social media stemming way back from 2019 with a lot of trolls dwelling in his personal life. At the time, he posted an Instagram post in which he wrote that his wife helps in making a decision on whether he has to buy a car. In his words, he wrote, “She is my rock, my anchor and my direction. When I wanna buy that new car, she says “RELAX, LETS BUILD SOMETHING WITH SHELDON”. ” Most of the trolling came from the notion that he was being controlled by his wife.

Just days prior to his death, on Valentine’s day, Feb 14, he innocently shared a video on Instagram of himself and his wife Bianca dancing o his latest song, Sondela. He is seen in the video calling Bianca to come closer and she eventually joins him on the video’s mainframe. Bianca appeared uninterested in her partner’s romantic gesture but still goes along with the flow. Trolls came out gun blazing stating that he seemed to be forcing her while she looked bored. Viky on his part defended himself stating that his wife is camera shy and tends to keep a low profile.

One Frah Fortune in response to the critics wrote that he wished people could leave Aunty B alone, He went on to say that she has met her a few times and from these interactions, she doesn’t like the public limelight and is also camera shy.

Riky has also had a hard time with sobriety after a torrid time with alcohol and drug addiction in his youth.

Riky Rick  Death & Cause

Riky’s family confirmed on Feb 23, 20220 that Riky Rick had died after committing suicide at the age of 34.
One Gabbie_K  wrote in a tribute, “I’m actually in tears over the news about Ricky Rick. So many of us are fighting silent battles and you end up feeling like no one understands or wants to listen to you so you just decide to end your life. I pray for strength for all of those dealing with mental health issues ❤️”

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