March 20, 2023

Who is Denise Jackson? Alan Jackson Wife; Author, Graphics Designer & Children

Denise Jackson is a well-known author and graphics Designer at Masterpiece Creations ~ Graphics & Publishing. She is best known as the wife of country singer Alan Jackson. Denise is the author of the journal Beyond the Blizzard, which is a beneficial tool for all family members.

Denise Jackson Age

Denise Jackson was born on 1 April 1960 and is currently 62 in 2022.  In the preview of her journal, she says that she lost two fathers by the time she was nineteen. As the older sibling of four children, she observed the long-term struggles of dealing with grief with an undeveloped set of coping skills.

Her parents are David Jackson (deceased) and Arlene Jackson. Her father was a schoolteacher, and her mother was a nurse. She has 3 brothers and 1 sister – George Jackson Jr (who goes by his stage name of George Jackson), Shirley Jackson Jr. (who goes by her stage name of Shirley), Laverne Jackson Foster, and Arlene Jackson.


She went to The Art Institute of Pittsburg, where she studied Graphic Design. She has ten years of experience as a Print Shop Manager and has written and published for children’s journeys through grief and poetry. Denise also has an Advance Certification for Professional Youth Ministry awarded by the Archdiocese of Baltimore. She has been an Adjunct Director for 3 years at Retreat Center in Parks, MD. Her other courses include Pastoral courses for Hospice at St Agnes and Fredrick Memorial Hospital.

Husband & Children

Denise was raised in the Eastland suburb of New Orleans, Louisiana. She was married to American country singer Alan Jackson in 1979. They have three daughters: Mattie Denise Selecman (born June 19, 1990), Alexandra Jane “Ali” (born August 23, 1993), and Dani Grace (born August 28, 1997).

In July 2022, it was announced that the couple was expecting their first grandchild in December.

Although the couple separated for several months in 1998 due to the strains of Jackson’s career and infidelity, they later made amends to their relationship. Their story is referenced in several of Jackson’s songs, including “She Likes It Too” and “Remember When,” based on his memories, and the fond views of everlasting love between his wife and him. Denise and their daughters appear in the latter song’s video.

Denise Jackson Journal

Denise is the author of the journal Beyond the Blizzard, which is a beneficial tool for all family members. The journal is an inspiration from a conversion she had with her husband where they discussed how often they get lost in the little things that go on in life. The aim of this journal is to help family members stay connected to God and each other. Denise has many more books and journals planned for release in the future.