March 22, 2023
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Who is Jenny Clegg? Johnny Clegg Wife; Bio, Wiki, Age, Children, Sons, Husband’s Death & Cause

Jenny Clegg Bio, Wiki

Jenny Clegg Bartlett was the wife of the late South African musician and anthropologist, Jonny Clegg. Clegg was born on June 7th, 1953, and died on July 16th, 2019. He was a South African musician and anthropologist who recorded and performed with his bands Juluka and Savuka, and as a solo act, occasionally reuniting with his earlier band partners.

In 2018, Clegg said about his worldwide tours: “My wife (Jenny), after we did our 1990 nine-month world tour, left the tour six months in, she said ‘this is not a life’. We went through a rocky period and then she said ‘I can deal with three months a year but then you must divide it up’, we worked on that principle.”

Jenny Clegg Wedding

The South African singer Johnny Clegg married Jennifer Bartlett in a traditional Zulu wedding on March 26, 1989, in the Natal province in South Africa. They have been together for three decades and have two sons named Jesse Clegg and Le Zoulou Blanc.

Jenny Clegg Children

Clegg and his wife Jenny were blessed with two sons, Jesse Clegg and Le Zoulou Blanc. Jesse Clegg is a South African singer-songwriter whose three studio albums, When I Wake Up, his 2011 follow up Life on Mars, and his latest, Things Unseen, have made Clegg a platinum-selling success in his home country.

Jesse wished his father a birthday in an Instagram post on June 7th captioned “Happy birthday dad! Love you so much ❤️”

On Mother’s day, May 13th, Jesse Clegg posted on Instagram: “Hanging out with my mom for #mothersday. Sending big love to all the moms out there! Thank you for everything you do. Every day should be Mother’s Day!”

Who is Jonny Clegg? His Death & Cause

Jonny Clegg died on June 16th, 2019 at the age of 66 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. Clegg was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2015 but continued to tour and perform around the world.

In a statement in 2015, Clegg said that he had an “incredible journey” with “incalculable support” from his wife Jenny, sons Jesse and Jaron, as well as “extended family, management, friends, musicians, colleagues, oncologists and fans.”

He received the Order of Ikhamanga as part of the national orders in 2012.

Clegg’s manager Roddy Quin confirmed the legendary musician’s passing.

Quin said in a statement, “Johnny leaves deep footprints in the hearts of every person that considers him/herself to be an African. He showed us what it was to assimilate to and embrace other cultures without losing your identity. An anthropologist that used his music to speak to every person. With his unique style of music, he traversed cultural barriers like few others. In many of us, he awakened awareness.”